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MUSIC RELEASES: Sharon Cheslow-Corin Tucker-Julia Holter,
Don Fleming & Sharon Cheslow, Solo and Coterie Exchange, Electrolettes, Red Eye, Suture, Bloody Mannequin Orchestra (BMO), Chalk Circle, audio, discography
SOUND EVENTS: Sharon Cheslow sound events
PUBLICATIONS: Interrobang?!, Banned In DC, If This Goes On
VIDEOS: September Son, While the City Sleeps, Dream/Construct
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OTHER ARCHIVES: Sharon Cheslow Punk Flyers Collection, 1979-1991 finding aid at University of Maryland's Special Collections in Performing Arts (with links to items at other archives)




chalk circle

never rarely sometimes always

banned in dc

bull tongue review


chalk circle

penny ante three

julia and sharon

duct tape piece

girl monster

sonic triptych ny

steve kim and sharon

sonic triptych la

sonic triptych la

steve kim

elisa and sharon


weasel and sharon





and all other performances, exhibits, screenings, and installations

2006 to present is below. 1997-2005 is here.


Reverberating Feminisms: Chronologies of Feminist Art Movements at CalArts exhibit, 10.1.23-12.31.23
CalArts Library, Valencia, CA
Includes Interrobang?! #5, which was published in 2008 with two CalArts grants (Ahmanson Project Grant and Intercultural Arts Project/Diversity Grant)


Persistent Vision online exhibit, published 2022
University of Maryland Special Collections in Performing Arts
Created by John Davis, Ben Jackson, Natalie Salive, and Jessica Grimmer. Includes archival documentation on Chalk Circle, Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, and Suture, as well as on If This Goes On and Interrobang?! zines. Chalk Circle flyer to left was designed by bassist Tamera Lyndsay.


DC Represented permanent exhibit, opened 9.25.21
Part of Up from the People: Protest and Change in DC, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, Washington, DC
Curated by Michele Casto, includes Chalk Circle video filmed by Diana Quinn and David Wells


Julia Holter's soundtrack for Eliza Hittman's film
Never Rarely Sometimes Always, released 2020
Sharon Cheslow - contributed electronics


Banned in DC 30th anniversary celebration, 12.13.18
Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC
see Banned in DC page for more details about the book

Sharon Cheslow Artist Talk, 2.10.18
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
"Patti Smith Arty-facts: Alchemical Roll Call (1970-72)", and her creative friendships with Harry Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe
for Curating Resistance: Punk as Archival Method


Sharon Cheslow Visiting Artist Talk, 2.24.16
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Czech Surrealism (and collaborative work of Czech artists/writers/filmmakers/composers, including Eva Svankmajerová, Jan Svankmajer, Juraj Herz, Vera Chytilová, Zdenek Liska), based on piece for Bull Tongue Review #5


Chalk Circle's "The Slap" in Washington, DC playlist created by Allison Wolfe for Alien She exhibit - curated by Astria Suparak & Ceci Moss
Museum of Contemporary Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR, 9.3.15-1.9.16
Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA, 2.15.15-5.24.15
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, 10.24.14-1.25.15
Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, 3.07.14-4.27.14


Coterie Exchange These Are Just Words sound event, 12.1.13
Griffith Observatory End of the Universe Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

Chalk Circle's "The Slap" in Washington, DC playlist created by Allison Wolfe, 9.21.13-2.16.14
Alien She, Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA - curated by Astria Suparak & Ceci Moss

Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family book (ed. Sharon Cheslow), 6.30.13
Artists' Book Exhibit, Ooga Booga #2 at 356 S. Mission, Los Angeles, CA - curated by Wendy Yao (Los Angeles) and Alumnos47 (Mexico City)

Banned in DC book (ed. Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, Sharon Cheslow, Lydia Ely), 2.23.13-4.7.13
Pump Me Up: DC Subculture in the 1980s, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC - curated by Roger Gastman


Chalk Circle Reflection release, 3.29.11
Mississippi Records/Post Present Medium, cover and booklet designed by Sharon Cheslow


Sharon Cheslow+Julia Holter, 6.14.10
Dublab Sprout Session (listen), Los Angeles, CA - "Mistress Saint" and "We Are The Charioteers"


Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Julia Holter), 9.15.09
Penny-Ante: Three publication launch, Stories, Los Angeles, CA - w/Tearist, Mick Farren & others

Sharon Cheslow+Steve Gregoropoulos+Ace Farren Ford+Casey Anderson, 9.12.09
MAPPING sound SASSAS 10th anniv. concert, Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

The Art of Touring group photo exhibit, 8.6.09-8.29.09
Fontanelle Gallery, Portland, OR - w/Alissa Anderson, Hannah Mae Blair, Sharon Cheslow, Mia Clarke, Jem Cohen, Erika Spring Forster, Rebecca Gates, Emma Gaze, Megan Holmes, Andy Moor, Tara Jane O'Neil, Jean Smith

Sharon Cheslow+Julia Holter, 4.07.09
Sounding Out series, CalArts Main Gallery, Valencia, CA

SASSAS SoundShoppe, 3.13.09
Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA - Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS) group improvisation led by Charlemagne Palestine

Sharon Cheslow (see video), 2.01.09
The Smell, Los Angeles, CA - w/Calvin Johnson, Devon Williams, Sam McPheeters


Sharon Cheslow On This Day Dec. 14th sound collage, 12.15.08
Brenda Hutchinson's Daily Bell Project: December Sunwatch group event/streaming radio broadcast via free103point9

Robert Ashley's She Was a Visitor, 11.23.08
CalArts, Valencia, CA - performance with Michael Pisaro's Experimental Music Workshop

Antoine Beuger's Chants Divers, 11.14.08
REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA - performance with Michael Pisaro's Experimental Music Workshop for Festival of Contemporary Dutch Music

Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family (ed. Sharon Cheslow) publication launch party/event, 10.18.08
Ooga Booga, Los Angeles, CA - w/Sharon Cheslow+Steve Touchton, Ian MacKaye, DJ Gabie Strong, vegan snacks by Crops & Rawbers

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee) Duct Tape Piece 2 video, 9.27.08
Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg, Germany - in Chicks on Speed's Girl Monster event


Sharon Cheslow Key Phrases, 12.22.07
Echo Curio, Los Angeles, CA - w/Metal Rouge, Albert Ortega, Sleepwalkers Local 242

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee) Duct Tape Piece 2 video, 9.7.07-10.28.07
Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania - in Girl Monster installation curated by Chicks on Speed

Interpretation of George Brecht's Drip Piece, 9.21.07
"Drip Event", Pawnshop Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - group event curated by Natilee Harren

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+James Schneider) sound/video performance, 8.11.07
Transformer Gallery, Washington, DC

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange Sonic Triptych III - NY sound performance/event, 8.10.07
The Arm Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - participants included: Chuck Bettis, MV Carbon, Sharon Cheslow, Brooke Gillespie, Barbara Gogan, Matterlink (James Schneider), Kevin Shea, Jenny Graf Sheppard, Ethan Swan

Sharon Cheslow, 7.15.07
Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA - w/Ahleuchatistas

Sharon Cheslow+Liz Allbee+Weasel Walter, 7.13.07
21 Grand 1k tones 7th Anniv. Fest, Oakland, CA - w/ inn. aff. (orchext.), Rubber O Cement, Tarantism, Bran(...)Pos

Sharon Cheslow, 7.11.07
Valentine's, Portland, OR - w/Grouper, Concern

Sharon Cheslow+Steve Kim Broken Mirrors on the Tundra sound performance, 7.07.07
opening of Time Writers from the Mirror Horizon group exhibit, David Patton Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - curated by Gabie Strong

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange Sonic Triptych III - LA sound performance/event, 6.09.07
Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles, CA - participants included: Eva Aguila, Ori Barel, Sharon Cheslow, Aaron Drake, John Hastings, David Kendall, Steve Kim, Grace Lee, Brian Miller, Anna Oxygen, Michael Parker, Sara Roberts, Bita Sharif

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee) Duct Tape Piece 2 video, 2.2.07-5.4.07
Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain - in Chicks on Speed's Girl Monster installation for Switch on the Power! Noise and Policies on Music group event/exhibit

Sharon Cheslow Words To Keep Going 2-channel sound collage and screening of September Son video, 5.01.07
Sounding Out, CalArts Main Gallery, Valencia, CA - curated by Aaron Drake

Sharon Cheslow+Steve Kim, 3.25.07
The Smell, Los Angeles, CA - w/ Acre, Marissa Magic!, David Kendall, Sam Meister


Guitar Quorum (David Kendall+Jesse Kudler+Sharon Cheslow), 12.17.06
Turn the Screws Festival, Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA - w/ Wanda Gala+Bob Bellerue, Jeremy Drake, Adam Overton, Liam Mooney, Haircut Mountain Transit, Treasure Mammal +more

Sharon Cheslow Right Now Be My Molasses 2-channel sound collage, 11.17.06
60 x 60 Pacific Rim, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Sharon Cheslow Right Now Be My Molasses 2-channel sound collage, 11.02.06
60 x 60 Pacific Rim, Mills College, Oakland, CA

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange Sonic Triptych II sound performance/event, 10.06.06
Illuminated Corridor group event, 21 Grand, Oakland, CA - participants included: Erika Anderson, Jorge Boehringer, Maryclare Brzytwa, Ezra Buchla, Michael Carreira, George Chen, Sharon Cheslow, Sue Costible, Paul Costuros, Kristy Geschwandtner, Steve Kim, Alyssa Lee, Sam Meister, Steve Touchton, Weasel Walter

acks (Steve Kim+Sharon Cheslow+Sam Meister) sound performance, 9.08.06
Chung King Common opening, Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles, CA - w/Dawn Kasper, Norman Klein, Tara Kozuback, Tom Leeser, Fallen Fruit, Andy Kopra, Sara Roberts, Kelly Sears, Emily Lacy, Guthrie Lonergan, Albert Ortega

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Elisa Ambrogio), 7.15.06
21 Grand, Oakland, CA - w/Hawnay Troof, Mirror/Dash (Thurston Moore+Kim Gordon), Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Harry Merry, Dinky Bits, Always

Sharon Cheslow September Son and Dream/Construct videos, 6.18.06 and 6.04.06
Kill Rock Stars Video Screenings, Kult 41, Bonn, Germany

Sharon Cheslow Right Now Be My Molasses 2-channel sound collage, 6.06.06
60 x 60 Pacific Rim (sixty one-minute compositions), Island Music Guild Hall, Bainbridge Island, WA

Sharon Cheslow, 5.07.06
Tarantula Hill benefit, Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA - w/Joseph Hammer, Bob Bellerue+David Kendall, Albert Ortega, Robedoor, Toxic Loincloth and more

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+XK aka Zeek Sheck), 4.14.06
Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA - w/Bran(...)Pos, Feed the Dragon (Albert Ortega+Bob Bellerue), Impregnable, Gowns

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Weasel Walter), 1.04.06
The Smell, Los Angeles, CA - w/XBXRX, Silver Daggers, Hello Astronaut Goodby Television, Abe Vigoda

More Events: 1997-2005...

september son
dream construct

tim, christina, hans

chalk circle

While the City Sleeps (2003)

September Son (2003)

Dream/Construct (1999)

Misc. photos...
Some by Sharon Cheslow, some by others of Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange & past bands (Electrolettes, Red Eye, Suture, Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, Chalk Circle)

Banned in DC: Photos and Anecdotes From the DC Punk Underground (1979-1985)
Book compiled by Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, Sharon Cheslow...includes some photos by Sharon Cheslow and of Bloody Mannequin Orchestra & Chalk Circle, as part of DC punk photo history

love love

bull tongue review

interrobang?! 5

art of touring

interrobang?! 4


can be found in the following:

"Tsunami Apostrophe" (December 2023)

Poems 2021-22

Love Love Magazine (ed. by Lisa Marie Jarlborn)
poetry in #2 (February 2020)
poetry in #1 (July 2019)

Contributed writing to Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies book (ed. by Toby Mott, 2017)

Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair 2016 review

Bull Tongue Review (ed. by Byron Coley)
-- "Eva Svankmajerová: Emancipating Oneself from Illusions", and review of Dust On The Nettles: A Journey Through The British Underground Folk Scene 1967-1972 (#5, April 2016)
-- "Stand-Up Comedy" review juxtaposing George Chen, Alison Stevenson, Pedro Salinas, Flip Wilson, Monty Python, and Emily Heller (#4, October 2015)
-- "Four DC Punk/Hardcore Docs" review, and a poem review on a night of "Graham Lambkin/Michael Pisaro" at the wulf. and 356 S. Mission (with Julia Holter) (#3, July 2015)
-- "International Times Archive and the Underground Press (Or How to Beam Rays of Light)" (#2, March 2015)
-- Reviews of "Eva Aguila/Brock Fansler's Experimental Half-Hour," "Harry Smith's Mahagonny (Film #18)," and "Ericka Beckman Films at L.A. MOCA" (#1, December 2014)

Interrobang?! (ed. by Sharon Cheslow)
DC Punk Women 1976-1990 list (#6, 2014)
Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family book & pdf (#5, 2008)
Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Transcendence pdf (#4, 2000)
Interrobang?! xeroxed zine (#1-#3, 1989-1996)

Monk Mink Pink Punk #23, (ed. by Josh Ronsen, 2014) - "Survey: Visual Art Inspiration" (on influence of Jay DeFeo)

Oral History Interview with Sara Roberts (by Sharon Cheslow, 2012)

Deep Listening Anthology Vol. Two book (ed. by Marc Jensen & Pauline Oliveros, 2010) - includes three text scores by Sharon Cheslow (Geodessy for Guitars, Sonic Triptych III, and Key Phrases)

Women in Punk 1975-1980 list (ed. by Sharon Cheslow, 1994-2010)

Bumpidee Reader blog (ed. by Tobi Vail)
-- Review of Totally Wired by Simon Reynolds (2010)
-- Review of White Bicycles by Joe Boyd (2009)
-- Article on Venice Beats and Venice West: The Beat Generation in Southern California by John Arthur Maynard (2008)

Contributed writing to The Art of Touring book (ed. by Sara Jaffe & Mia Clarke, 2009)

Flat Bike Poetry Journal (ed. by Matthew Wascovich, Slow Toe)
#11 (2008)
#2 (2004)

Mix Tapes: The Art of Cassette Culture book (ed. by Thurston Moore, Rizzoli Universe, 2005)

Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #6 (ed. by Thurston Moore, 2003)

Bust "Picture Perfect: Cynthia Connolly" article (1998)

Banned In DC book (ed. by Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, Sharon Cheslow, Lydia Ely, 1988)

If This Goes On zine (ed. by Colin Sears & Sharon Cheslow, 1982-83)

Now What? zine, 1981

Selected interviews with Sharon Cheslow
»   Manchas y Ruido # 8 by Jose Haz (Spain), 2019
»   Two Theses on Gender, Politics, and American "Free
     Folk" Music(s)
by Maximilian Spiegel (Austria), 2012-13
»   Re(a)d Zone by Saul (France), 2012
»   Making Waves #1 by Edu (Spain), Aug. 2011
»   Washington Post by David Malitz, May 2011
»   Penny-Ante Three by George Chen, Sept. 2009
»   Guardian by Laura Barton (UK), March 2009
»   Perfect Sound Forever by Dina Hornreich, Oct./Nov. 2008
»   Chimps #10/MRR by Layla Gibbon, March 2008
»   The Gaze by Vim Crony, March 2007
»   Jigsaw #8 by David Scott Stone, May 2003 (unedited)
»   Venus by Dina Hornreich, April 2002
»   KRS Decomposition Expose by Tobi Vail, Feb. 2002
»   Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl by Kerri Koch,
     interview is from 2000 (released on DVD in 2006)
»   EMP Riot Grrrl Retrospective by Experience Music Project,
»   KALX by Jola Johnson, Nov. 1997


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