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Alex Mahoney: vocals, guitar, casio
Charles Bennington: vocals, sax
Sharon Cheslow: guitar, casio, drums, vocals
Roger Marbury: bass, vocals
Colin Sears: drums, tapes, vocals
Time Clock=Hole in Head cassette compilation (WGNS, 1983)
We Gots No Station cassette compilation (WGNS, 1984)
Roadmap to Revolution LP (WGNS/EPU, 1984)
Streetlights in the Dark cassette (WGNS, 1985)
Halloween Cassette compilation (WGNS, 1985)

Listen to these cassettes on the WGNS online archive.
You have to press play and then click the right "next" arrow,
and that will advance forward to the first track so you can start listening.
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