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Banned In DC, Photos

IF THIS GOES ON (1982-83)
band interviews, live reviews, record reviews, scene updates, fiction, art, photos, collages, comics
Bethesda, MD / Washington, DC
Published & Edited by Sharon Cheslow and Colin Sears
Contributing Writers: Sharon Cheslow, Colin Sears, Anne Bonafede, Chris Niblack, Kevin Mattson, John Stabb, Jeff Turner, Ron Stewart (aka Rupert Wondolowski), Eric Anderson, Roger Marbury
Contributing Photographers: Sharon Cheslow, Leslie Clague

Read "Underground Journalism Put To Music: Fanzines," a Dec. 1982 Argus Weekly article about Washington, DC area zines, including If This Goes On.

If This Goes On is archived at University of Maryland's D.C. Punk and Indie Fanzine Collection. They have a print copy of #2 and digital copies of #1, #2, and #3. In addition, Kevin Mattson's print copies are archived with DC Public Library's DC Punk Archive.

A few of the interviews in If This Goes On are available online elsewhere (see below links):

Issue #3 (1983)
Minor Threat interview
by Sharon and Colin
also included Sort Sol and Raincoats interviews
cover drawing by Colin Sears

Ana da Silva (Raincoats), 9:30 Club
photo by Sharon Cheslow, 1983

Issue #2 (1982)
Double-O interview
by Sharon and Colin
Iron Cross interview
by Sharon
cover drawing by Colin Sears

Issue #1 (1982)
included Hate From Ignorance interview by Colin

WGNS Timeclock Equals Hole In Head cassette release info in If This Goes On #3:
Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, Chalk Circle, Fungus of Terror, Blue Cross

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