Echo Curio
Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 22, 2007
interactive sound performance

The event was presented as part of a Sharon Cheslow solo performance, on a bill with Sleepwalkers Local 242, Metal Rouge, and Albert Ortega.

"Key Phrases" is about communication and the sound of language, with reference to the dominance of English as a standard. It was performed with the audience at Echo Curio using a previously recorded sound collage of foreign language key phrases (in multiple languages), and the song "Wonderful Sky" (sung in English), with Sharon Cheslow (vocals, bass) and Sam Meister (harmonica, percussion).

As the collage was played, various individual members of the audience were communicated with directly using text in a score. The text score was a poem made up of English translations of the pre-recorded key phrases. The phrases were found in online foreign language tutorials, such as "Pleased to meet you."..."Do you speak English?"..."Where is the toilet, please?"..."Thank You"..."How are you?"..."I'm sorry, I don't speak English."

The text score was published in Deep Listening Anthology Volume Two in 2011.

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