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Broken Mirrors

Sonic Triptych NY

Fan Music

See Emily Play

These are Just Words (Griffith Observatory Cafe at the End of the Universe, 2013)

Key Phrases (Echo Curio, 2007)

Broken Mirrors on the Tundra (David Patton Gallery, 2007)
with Steve Kim

Sonic Triptych III-NY (Arm Gallery, 2007)
with Matterlink/Coterie Exchange

Sonic Triptych III-LA (Telic Arts Exchange, 2007)
with Coterie Exchange

Sonic Triptych II (Illuminated Corridor, 2006)
with Coterie Exchange

Fan Music: Winds of Change (Lincoln Center, 2003)
with Coterie Exchange

I Love To You (Randall Museum, 2003)
with Golden Alligators/Coterie Exchange

Duct Tape Piece II (Acme Observatory, 2003; Lithuania Contemporary Art Centre, 2007; Kampnagel Theatre, 2008)
with Alyssa Lee/Coterie Exchange

Duct Tape Piece (Mills College, 2002; Lola Gallery, 2003)
with Alyssa Lee/Coterie Exchange

See Emily Play (CELLSpace, 2002)

Sonic Triptych (Ladyfest Bay Area, 2002)
with Coterie Exchange

I'm Here I'm Gone (conceived for Pond Gallery in 2001 but not presented)

Come Into My Room (The Smell, 2000)

Lullabye From the Sky (The Smell and Mills College, 2000)
with Coterie Exchange

Geodessy for Guitars (Ladyfest Olympia and Mills College, 2000)
with Coterie Exchange

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Mills College, 1999)

Come Up the Stairs (Haus de Snaus, 1999)

Dream/Construct (Mills College, 1999)
with Coterie Exchange

Come Into My Room (Mills College, 1999)

Geodessy for Guitars

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