Sharon Cheslow-electronics, guitar, computer
Greg Saunier-toy piano, drums
Daan Vandewalle-piano
Randy Nordschow-trumpet
Dream/Construct has been presented in various media, from performance with video, to CD-ROM, to 5 min. video/sound collage. The video was released on Kill Rock Stars Video Fanzine #2 VHS in 2000.

Click here for YouTube video or watch below.

Music, images, animation, and sampled footage by Sharon Cheslow. Soundtrack by Sharon, Greg Saunier, Daan Vandewalle and Randy Nordschow (from a sound event/performance in April 1999 with the video). Audio for the soundtrack was released on Lullabye From the Sky in 2002. Dream/Construct BROADCASTS/EXHIBITS/PERFORMANCES
Kill Rock Stars Video Screening, Kult 41
Bonn, Germany
June 4, 2006

video screening

Artists' Television Access Cable TV
San Francisco, CA
February 13, 2002

video broadcast

International Dream Festival, Deep Listening Space Gallery
Kingston, NY
October 1999

video screening

Luminaries group exhibit, Artist's Theater Workshop
Oakland, CA
May 1, 1999

interactive CD-ROM

MusicthatisMusicisMusicthatisMusic concert, Mills College
Oakland, CA
April 26, 1999

sound/video performance
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