SUTURE (1991-92)

Kathleen Hanna: vocals, bass, drums
Sharon Cheslow: vocals, guitar, bass
Dug E. Bird: guitar, drums

Decomposition 01 (1992)
Dischord 76.5
3 song EP
ltd. ed. 2,000
[DE01 Side A: Good Girl/Falling
Side B: Pretty Is

Suture featured Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, Dug E. Bird of Beefeater, Fidelity Jones, and Underground Soldier, and Sharon Cheslow of Bloody Mannequin Orchestra and Chalk Circle. Recorded Summer '91 in Washington, D.C.

band photos
Decomposition 00 (1991)
A Wonderful Treat
compilation cassette
[DE00 Suture songs:
Good Girl/Falling/Secret Language/Pretty Is

Originally compiled summer 1991 in Olympia, WA with Suture (the songs from the 7" + Secret Language), Bratmobile, I Scream Truck, Spraypainted Love (Tobi Vail + Billy Karren from Bikini Kill), and Wondertwins (Kathleen Hanna + NOU's Tim Green.
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