RED EYE (1992-1998)

Sharon Cheslow: vocals, guitar, bass, electronics, samples
Tim Green: electronics, guitar, bass, drums, samples, vocals

see also The Electrolettes, Suture, Louder Studios, Nation of Ulysses

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Decomposition 05 (1998)
Static Storm (Original Soundtrack Recording)
30 min. cassette
Thirteen tracks of cinematic fragmentation with a beat, for the film that's in your mind. Sound collage, samples, re-mixes, lots of guitar & electronics...influenced by many weird '60s rock/biker/science fiction/psychedelic movie soundtracks. Recorded off and on between 1992 & 1998 in DC, Olympia and SF.

[DE05 audio files

Also features:
Carlos Canedo (PeeChees)-drums
Julianna Bright (Electrolettes)-drums
Kim Thompson (later in Cupid Car Club, Delta 72 and Skull Kontrol)-bass
Decomposition 02 (1995)
Dischord 99.75
Special Delivery To My Heart/Reservoir
2 song 7"
$7.00 (includes shipping)
[DE02 The first Red Eye release of sonic space guitar, melodic feedback and dreamstate vocals, recorded at the Red House in Olympia while Tim was living there. Tim said, "sounds like Snakefinger". Sharon said "You mean we don't sound like Fifty Foot Hose? Hey, but it's the whole San Francisco thing, because Chrome is great and they were on the same label as Snakefinger so...you should move to SF!" And he did.
"You've Got Power "
on Scandalized, Traumatized, and Baptized LP comp. (1999)
(out of print)
Red Eye also have a track on this compilation.
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