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Sharon Cheslow+Julia Holter - "Mistress Saint" and "We Are The Charioteers"
(live at Dublab, 2010)

Sharon Cheslow - "The Body Is A System"
(Protest Records #8, 2003)
(Lullabye From The Sky, Decomposition, 2002)

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange - "September Son"
(If the Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist, Kill Rock Stars, 2002)
(Lullabye From The Sky, Decomposition, 2002)

Some Decomposition releases by Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange, Red Eye, and Electrolettes are available as mp3s through the Puzzling Music Archive

Info for some past Decomposition releases is below:

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange - Collaborations
(DE09, 2005)

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange - Uncertainty Rides the Waves
(DE07, 2004)

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange - Lullabye From the Sky
(DE06, 2002)

Red Eye - Static Storm
(DE05, 1998)

Electrolettes - Plug Me In
(DE04, 1998)