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Past Sharon Cheslow & Coterie Exchange shows/collaborations:
including Trebville Exchange and all other performances, events, screenings, installations, exhibits...


Sharon Cheslow (performance w/videos of September Son & While the City Sleeps), 12.16.05
Turn the Screws Festival, Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA - w/G.X. Jupitter-Larsen (video), Toxic Loincloth (video), 16 Bitch Pile-Up, Spastic Colon, Damion Romero, Kitten Sparkles, Roman Torment, Tralphaz, Jarrett Silberman, Goneness (w/Wanda Gala), Robedoor, Obstacle Corpse

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange (solo w/video of September Son and duo w/Liz Allbee), 10.11.05
Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA - w/Liz Allbee (solo), BARR, Princess

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Liz Allbee+Weasel Walter), 10.09.05
Mama Buzz, Oakland, CA - w/ Core of the Coal Man, Snowsuit*+Vice Cooler+Megaweapon

Sharon Cheslow, 9.16.05
Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA - w/Albert Ortega+Maile Colbert, Wanda Gala+Bob Bellerue, Obstacle Corpse, Impregnable

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+David Scott Stone), 7.13.05
Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA - w/Rose for Bohdan, Polar Goldie Cats, Open City, Wives

Sharon Cheslow, 6.17.05
The Smell, Los Angeles, CA - w/Love of Diagrams, My Little Red Toe, Reindeer Tiger Team, Silver Daggers

Coterie Exchange Spring 2005 East Coast tour
Sharon Cheslow collaborations w/ Christina Carter, Kris Thompson, Bromp Treb (Neil Young of Fat Worm of Error):
6.4.05 Brooklyn, NY - Flight of the Buffalo
w/ Trebville Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Bromp Treb), Metalux, Growing, Scarcity of Tanks (Matthew Wascovich+Kevin Shea+Brooke Gillespie), Dan Friel
6.3.05 Troy, NY - Wow Cool
w/ Trebville Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Bromp Treb), Andrew Kesin's film "what was it that you felt", Grey Skull, Duck (Matt Krefting+Jessi Swenson), Evolution Revolution
6.2.05 Cambridge, MA - Twisted Village
w/ screenings of September Son & While the City Sleeps, Sharon Cheslow+Kris Thompson, Secret Diary (Donna Parker+Jessica Rylan)
5.31.05 Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Christina Carter, Weird Weeds, Bromp Treb, Laudable Pus, BenGeorge7
5.30.05 Washington, DC - Black Cat
w/ Sharon Cheslow solo, Hand Fed Babies, Sentai


Coterie Exchange 2004 West/East Coast Tours
Sharon Cheslow collaborations w/ Yasi Perera (aka Yasi Perez), Murder Murder, Yellow Swans, Kris Thompson, Chuck Bettis, Eva Inca Ore, Bromp Treb:
10.30.04 Oakland, CA - Ptomaine Temple
w/ Murder Murder (Paul Costuros/Liz Allbee/Chris Dixon/Sharon Cheslow), Le Flange Du Mal, Sixes, Harry Merry, Seven Central and Mountain
8.24.04 Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
w/ Bromp Cheslow Village Exchange (Bromp Treb+Sharon Cheslow), Crystal Cock Over Canada, Miss Kim (Raub Roy+Tim Sheldon)
8.19.04 Hadley, MA - Schoolhouse
w/ screening of September Son, Bromp Cheslow Village Exchange (Bromp Treb+Sharon Cheslow), Movies with Live Soundtracks (featuring Mat Brinkman, Jo Dery, Xander M, Ben Coonley, Laura Rodriguez, Peter Glantz, Carrie Collier), Dr. Doo (Ben Jones), Lionheart Mirth, Noise Nomads, Dffneg
8.12.04 Northampton, MA - Grandstands
w/ Sharon Cheslow solo, Misty, Evil Bill
6.01.04 Washington, DC - Warehouse Nextdoor
w/ Sharon Cheslow solo, SC+YS, Yellow Swans, Et At It, Hits
5.31.04 Baltimore, MD - Tarantula Hill
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Eva, Carly Ptak+Chuck Bettis, Yellow Swans, Et At It, Thunderberg/Natestorm (w/Max Demand)
5.30.04 Philadelphia, PA - Eli's Warehouse
w/ Sharon Cheslow solo, Carly Ptak+Chuck Bettis, Yellow Swans, Et At It, Max Demand, Ohm, Robert
5.29.04 Brooklyn, NY - Aerosol Burns/Boogaloo
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Yellow Swans, Glass Candy, Flesh
5.28.04 Brooklyn, NY - Roy's Loft
w/ Sharon Cheslow solo, SC+CB+JL+YS+Eva, Chuck Bettis+Jerry Lim, Yellow Swans, Japanther, Tyondai Braxton
5.27.04 NYC - Lit Lounge
w/ Yellow Swans+Sharon Cheslow, USA Is A Monster, Plate Tectonics, Chen Santa-Maria
5.26.04 Providence, RI - AS220
w/ Sharon Cheslow, SC+CB+YS, Chuck Bettis, Yellow Swans, Noise Nomads, Mildew
5.24.04 Boston, MA - H.O.S.S.
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Kris Thompson, Chuck Bettis, Yellow Swans, Squids, Mildew, Karl Heinz+John Ruhe
5.23.04 Hadley, MA - Schoolhouse
w/ Sharon Cheslow solo, SC+YS, Yellow Swans, Idea Fire Co., Yonk Yonk, Double Dream/Aktion Leopard Unit (Chris Corsano/Paul Flaherty/Thurston Moore/Jim O'Rourke/Double Leopards)
5.15.04 San Francisco - Hemlock Tavern
w/ Murder Murder (Paul Costuros/Chris Dixon/Liz Allbee/Sharon Cheslow/Weasel Walter/Noel Harmonson), Burning Star Core, Open City
5.14.04 Portland, OR - Nocturnal
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Yasi Perez, Yellow Swans, Nice Nice, Nudge, Super Unity, Noggin
5.13.04 Portland, OR - Dunes Series
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Yasi Perez, Honey Owens+Adam Forkner, Zachary Reno+Peter Swanson, Doug Theriault+Bryan Eubanks
5.12.04 Seattle, WA - Drone Hill
w/ Sharon Cheslow+Yasi Perez, Yellow Swans, Open City, Burning Star Core, Dead Science

duct tape piece

fan music


Sharon Cheslow+Erin Weber+Dana Kline, 12.31.03
Pond Gallery, San Francisco, CA - w/Eats Tapes

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee Wilmot) Duct Tape Piece II sound/movement performance, 12.03
Acme Observatory, Berkeley, CA

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+KIT), 11.30.03
Ptomaine Temple, Oakland, CA - w/Yellow Swans, Gang Wizard, Vholtz

Yellow Swans+Sharon Cheslow+Mike Donovan, 11.25.03
Mama Buzz, Oakland, CA - w/Murder Murder, Eats Tapes

Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee Wilmot Fan Dance and Duct Tape Piece sound/movement performances, 10.03
Mischief group exhibit opening, Lola Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Katie Eastburn+audience) Fan Music: The Winds of Change interactive sound/movement performance, 8.03
Homemade Instrument Day: Playing with the Elements,
Lincoln Center Out of Doors, New York, NY - curated by Brenda Hutchinson w/Bob Bielecki, Dylan Bolles, Krys Bobrowski, Julia Christensen, Brenda Hutchinson, Christopher Janney, Ned Khan, Miya Masaoka, Bruce Odland, Mary Tsiongas, Gail Wight, others

Tim Perkis+Sharon Cheslow, 6.03.03
Black Box, Oakland, CA - w/Moe!kestra!, Out By Five

Sharon Cheslow The Body Is A System 2 channel sound collage, 5.03
Sound Junction 2, University of Sheffield, UK

Coterie Exchange I Love To You sound performance, 5.03
Randall Museum parking lot and surrounding streets, San Francisco, CA - performance with Sharon Cheslow+audience and collaboration by Sharon Cheslow with Yasi Perera+Aaron Russell's Truck Music

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Tim Green+Alyssa Lee Wilmot), 3.27.03
Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA - w/Wolf Eyes

see emily play

coterie exchange

sonic triptych

sonic triptych


Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee Wilmot Fan Dance and Duct Tape Piece sound/movement performances, 12.02
Mills College, Oakland, CA

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Tim Perkis), 11.10.02
Rockland Festival, Heco's Palace, Oakland, CA

Sharon Cheslow+audience See Emily Play interactive electronic sound installation, 10.02
Int'l Mechanical, Kinetic & Electronic Arts Festival, CELLspace, San Francisco, CA

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Alyssa Lee Wilmot+Satomi Matsuzaki), 10.17.02
Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA - w/Deerhoof, Janet Pants Dans Theeatre

Coterie Exchange Fall 2002 Northwest Tour
Sharon Cheslow collaborations w/ Miya Zane Osaki, Erin Weber, Dana Kline:
9.15.02 Vancouver, BC - Pat's Pub
w/ Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Miya Zane Osaki+Erin Weber+Dana Kline), Mesh, Ink Brothers
9.14.02 Olympia, WA - Oly World News
w/ Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Miya Zane Osaki), Mesh
9.13.02 Seattle, WA - Center on Contemporary Art
w/ Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Miya Zane Osaki+Erin Weber+Dana Kline), Mesh, Electric Birds, Bill Horist/Mike Peterson duo, dj Randy Jones
9.12.02 Portland, OR - Fast Forward
w/ Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Miya Zane Osaki), Mesh, D. Yellow Swans, Sleetmute-Nitemute

Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange Sonic Triptych sound performance, 07.02,
Ladyfest Bay Area, New College Theater, San Francisco, CA - particiants included: Blevin Blectum, Sharon Cheslow, Ellie Erickson, Jenny Hoysten, Marisa Meltzer, Miya Zane Osaki, Bianca Sparta, Erin Weber, Alyssa Lee Wilmot

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Jorge Boehringer+Steve Gigante), 6.16.02
The Gallery, San Jose, CA - w/Xiu Xiu, Tiny Bird Mouths, Good For Cows, Sweet Science

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Jorge Boehringer+Steve Gigante), 6.14.02
Jorge's warehouse, Oakland, CA - w/Brown Bunny Ensemble, Kristin Miltner+Kendra Juul, Seven Central and Mountain

Mauricio Kagel Prima Vista, graphic score co-conducted by Sharon Cheslow+Greg Saunier, 2.02
Sound Structures event, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco CA - curated by Chiara Giovando and Corrina Peipon, performed by Chiara Giovando, Chris Cohen, Jamie Peterson, Trevor Shimizu, Jorge Boehringer, Liz Allbee, others


Sharon Cheslow's audio tribute to Yoko Ono, 12.01
WZBC Yoko Ono Retrospective, Newton/Boston, MA
Curated and co-hosted by Tinuviel Sampson

Randy Nordschow's Somatic Lapse video/sound performance (Randy Nordschow+Sharon Cheslow+John Shiurba), 7.01
LifeLike series, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA

Sharon Cheslow presentation on Documentation as Cultural Resistance, 7.01
SF Music Expo, CELLspace, San Francisco, CA

lullabye from the sky

geodessy for guitars

can opener





Tour Spiel: Photographs From The Road group photo exhibit, 10.16.00-1.7.01
Aquarius Records in-store event, San Francisco, CA - curated by Erik Auerbach, w/photos by Erik Auerbach, Sharon Cheslow, Sean Meadows, Mark Ibold, James Kim, others

Sharon Cheslow+audience Lullabye From the Sky and Come Into My Room interactive electronic sound installations, 8.00
The Smell, Los Angeles, CA - w/Semiautomatic

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+Amy Yao+Wendy Yao) Geodessy For Guitars II (for Yasunao Tone) sound performance/installation, 8.00
Ladyfest High Jinks group event/exhibit, K Warehouse, Olympia, WA - curated by Audrey Marrs

Sharon Cheslow "Dan Graham and Chieko Shiomi" text piece, 6.00
Curated: Deterritorializing the Territorialized group curatorial exhibit, BaseKamp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Sharon Cheslow+Jim Haynes Lullabye From the Sky interactive electronic sound installation, 4.00
Mills Concert Hall, Oakland, CA

Randy Nordschow John Cage Memorial Barbeque and Transitoire music/sound performances, 4.00
Mills College, Oakland, CA - performed by Jorge Boehringer, Sharon Cheslow, Fred Frith, Matt Hall, Dan Joseph

Sharon Cheslow Dream/Construct video/sound performance, 4.00
Music That Is Music Is Music That Is Music group event, Mills College, Oakland, CA - performed by Sharon Cheslow, Greg Saunier, Randy Nordschow, Daan Vandewalle, w/other compositions by Jim Brashear, Eli Crews, James Goode, Randy Nordschow, Greg Saunier, Daan Vandewalle

Coterie Exchange (Sharon Cheslow+John Dieterich) Geodessy For Guitars (for Yasunao Tone) sound performance, 3.00
Mills College, Oakland, CA - w/other compositions by Michael Carriera, Kristin Miltner, Randy Nordschow, Ben Piekut


Randy Nordschow Transitoire sound performance, 11.99
Radical Epiphanies series, The LAB, San Francisco, CA - performed by Sharon Cheslow, John Dieterich, Alex Potts, Greg Saunier, Edward Shocker

Sharon Cheslow+audience Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep interactive electronic sound installation & performance, 10.99
Phantasmagorie, Mills Concert Hall Loft, Oakland, CA - w/Jorge Boehringer, John Dieterich+Ben Piekut, Wayne Grim, Alex Potts, Peter Swendsen

Sharon Cheslow Dream/Construct video, 10.99
International Dream Festival, Deep Listening Space Gallery, Kingston, NY
Curated by Ione

Sharon Cheslow+audience Come Up The Stairs interactive electronic sound installation, 9.99
Haus de Snaus, Tehama Alley Clit Stop, San Francisco, CA - w/Blectum From Blechdom, Kit Clayton, Alex Potts

Sharon Cheslow Dream/Construct interactive CD-ROM, 5.99
Luminaries group exhibit, Artists Theater Workshop, Oakland, CA - curated by David Kwan

Banned In DC group photo exhibit, 1.1.99-1.31.99
continued from below, San Francisco, CA...


Banned In DC group photo exhibit, 12.1.98-12.31.98
Aquarius Records in-store event, San Francisco, CA - curated by Erik Auerbach and Sharon Cheslow, w/photographs by Sharon Cheslow, Cynthia Connolly, Glen E. Friedman, Stuart Hill, Jeff Nelson, Lucian Perkins, Jim Saah, Thomas Squip, Lloyd Wolf, and others

Terrafoto group photo exhibit, 4.17.98-4.19.98
Terrastock II Festival, San Francisco, CA - curated by Erik Auerbach w/photos by Erik Auerbach, Gail Butensky, Kim Campisano, Sharon Cheslow, Petrina Cooper, Maya Hayuk, Dianne Jones, Marty Perez, Charles Peterson, Nikki Pratchios, Cindy Ragin

1997-98 (w/Electrolettes)

4.15.98 Slims, San Francisco, CA - w/Donnas, American Heartbreak

3.27.98 Purple Onion, San Francisco, CA - w/Calculators

3.6.98 Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA - w/Champs

2.14.98 Purple Onion, San Francisco, CA - w/Pants

2.05.98 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA - w/PeeChees

11.08.97 Purple Onion, San Francisco, CA - w/Sta-Prest, Andromeda Drift Experiment, Vita

10.30.97 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA - w/Dub Narcotic, Scenic Vermont

8.03.97 Tokyo Garden, Fresno, CA - w/Gashers, Jen Smith

Electrolettes Northwest tour w/Cha Cha Cabaret - curated by Miss Lady Hand Grenade (Jen Smith):
7.04.97 The Business, Anacortes, WA - w/Miss Lady Hand Grenade

7.03.97 Show Off Gallery, Bellingham, WA - w/ICU, Big Miss Moviola, Khaela Marieich, Diana Arens, Miss Lady Hand Grenade

7.02.97 Velvet Elvis, Seattle, WA - w/Dub Narcotic, ICU, Miss Lady Hand Grenade

7.01.97 Arrowspace, Olympia, WA - w/Miranda July, Miss Lady Hand Grenade

6.29.97 Cafe Paradiso, Portland, OR - w/Miranda July, Miss Murgatroid, Panties, Lookers, Miss Lady Hand Grenade, Amelia Smokebomb

6.28.97 a club in Chico, CA - w/Daughters of Houdini, Cloaca, Miss Lady Hand Grenade

6.27.97 CELLspace, San Francisco, CA - w/Virginia Dare, Melissa & Hilary Klein, Marisa Meltzer & Skirts, Big Miss Moviola Project, Heart Revolution, Cloaca, Daughters of Houdini, Miss Lady Hand Grenade

6.26.97 someone's house in Santa Cruz, CA - w/Gashers, Daughters of Houdini, Miss Lady Hand Grenade

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