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This list was compiled, starting in the early 1990s, to give credit to the many women who played in punk or punk related (experimental, no wave, garage, new wave, etc.) bands from 1975-1980. I'd be happy to have this information used and/or reproduced, but if you are going to print the whole list somewhere please give credit where its due.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted names. As of 2010, submissions are no longer being accepted.

sharon cheslow
(parts of the following originally appeared in Interrobang?! #2 & #3)

All of these bands/performers recorded between 1975-80, unless marked by an 
* which denotes they didn't record until 1981.


Band  	City  State  Country  Members	notes 

+ Instruments      HOL  Vocals/Synth/Electronics/Guitar - Truus de Groot 
     see Nasmak, Plus Instruments 
2 You's  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Gloria Richards  see Model Citizens
*A Certain Ratio  Manchester    UK  Vocals - Martha Tilson
Absentees  Long Beach, CA  USA  Vocals - Mary Walmsey
Abwarts      GER  Vocals/Violin - Margit Haberland   see Mania D, Malaria
Accident  Seattle  WA  USA  Vocals - Lisa
*Action Pact  London   UK  Vocals - Allison Charles (George Cheex)
Adverts  London    UK  Bass - Gaye Advert
Aetztussis  Berlin  GER  Vocals - Cordula  Guitar - Menusch  Bass - Kiki  
     Drums - Petra 
Jane Aire & Belvederes  Akron  OH  USA  Vocals - Jane Aire
Airway  LA  CA  USA 
Algebra Mothers (A-Moms)  Detroit  MI  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - Kirsten 
     Rogoff  see Sillies
*Alienation  SF  CA  USA  Vocals/Violin - Naomi Ruth Eisenberg  Drums - 
     Linda Crowds
Alley Cats  LA  CA  USA  Vocals/Bass - Dianne Chai
*Altered Images      Scotland  Vocals - Clare Grogan 
Althia & Donna        Vocals - Althia & Donna  ska/reggae
Ama-Dots  Milwaukee  WI  USA  Vocals - Liz Halo  Bass - Lisa Wicklund
Laurie Anderson      USA  Vocals/Electronics - Laurie Anderson 
Anemic Boyfriends  Alaska  USA  Vocals - ?
Animals & Men   Somerset  UK   Vocals - Susan Wells
Anonymous  Olympia  WA  USA  Vocals - Heidi Drucker 
Anorexia      UK  Vocals - ?
*Annie Anxiety  London  UK  Vocals - Annie Banbez  
     was in NY's Asexuals
Art  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Kimberly Davis  Bass - Lori Montana
Art Attacks      UK  Bass - M.S.
Arthur J & the Goldcups  LA  CA  USA  Bass - Kira Roessler  
     see Sex Sick, Twisted Roots, Kira went on to Black Flag
Artless Entanglements        Vocals/Bass - Phoenix
Atoms      UK  Synth - Sue Gogan
Au Pairs  Leeds    UK  Vocals/Guitar - Lesley Wood  Bass - Jane Munroe
Aunt Sally  Tokyo  JAP  Vocals - Phew  Guitar - Bikke  see Phew
Aural Exciters  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Taana Gardner  Guitar - Pat Place  
     see Contortions, Bush Tetras
*Avant Squares  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Barb Barg
Avengers  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Penelope Houston
B-2s  Athens  GA  USA  Vocals/Guitar/Drums - Cindy Wilson  
     Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards - Kate Pierson
B-Girls  Toronto  CAN  Vocals/Guitar - Xenia Holliday  Guitar - 
     Renee Chetsky/Lucasta Rochas  Bass - Cynthia Ross  Drums - 
     Rhonda Ross/Marcy
Babeez      AUS   Bass - Joy Relentless  (Julie Jordan) see News
Baby Buddha  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Kathy Peck  Bass/Vocals - Meg Brazill  
     Vocals - Teena Rosen  see Contractions
Baby Roulette & Rave Ons  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Laurie McAllister
Babylon Dance Band  Louisville  KY  USA  Guitar - Tara Key  
     Tara went on to Antietam
Baerchen und die Milchbubies  Hannover  GER  Vocals - Annette 'Baerchen' 
Bags  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Alice Bag (Alice Armendaries)   Bass - 
     Patricia Bag (Patricia Morrison) see Beelzebub Youth, Castration 
     Squad, Gun Club, Legal Weapon
Honey Bane      UK  Vocals -  Honey Bane (Donna Tracy)  see Fatal Microbes
*Bangs  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - all  Guitar - Susanna Hoffs  Guitar - Vicki 
     Peterson Bass - Annette Zilinskas Drums - Debbi Peterson  pre-Bangles
Beakers  Seattle  WA  USA  Bass - Frankie Sunstein
*Beelzebub Youth    LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Alice Armendaries/Dinah Cancer  
     see Bags, Castration Squad, 45 Grave
Beex  Richmond  VA  USA  Vocals - Chris Goodness (Christine Gibson)
Beirut Slump  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Guitar - Lydia Lunch  Keyboards - 
     Vivienne Dick  Bass - Liz Swope  
     see Lydia Lunch, Teenage Jesus, Eight Eyed Spy
Big In Japan  Liverpool    UK  Vocals - Jayne Casey  see Pink Military
Blinding Headache  NY  NY  USA  Bass - Kym Bond  see Mofungo
Blitzkrieg  Hannover  GER  Vocals - Dussel
Blitzkrieg Bop      UK  Guitar - Gloria 
Blondie  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Debbie Harry
*Bloods  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Adele Bertei  Keyboards/Harmonica/Vocals - 
     Annie Toone  Guitar - Kathy Ray  Drums - Kathleen Campbell  Bass - 
     Brenda Alderman  see Bush Tetras, Contortions, Peter & the Wolves
Blowdriers  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Jennifer Blowdrier
*Blue Orchids  Manchester    UK  Keyboards - Una Baines  see Fates, Fall
*Blunt Stitches  Columbus  OH  USA  Vocals - Arlus (Arleen Gainer)
? - Jane Cassell (Jane Sumner) ? - Dana Ritchey Boat Of Athens GA USA Guitar - Carol Levy Bodysnatchers UK Vocals - Rhoda Dakar Guitar - SJ (Sarah Jane Owens) Guitar - Stella Barker Bass - Nikki Summers Drums - Jane Summers Keyboards - Pennie Leyton Sax-Miranda Joyce ska Bohemia Chicago IL USA Bound & Gagged Boston MA USA Vocals - Barbara Britto Guitar - Martha Swetzoff Guitar - Wendy Stone Bass - Trude Koby Drums - Deni Ozan Keyboards - Marcia Maglione Martha went on to Dangerous Birds Bow Wow Wow UK Vocals - Annabella Lu-in Boxboys LA CA USA Vocals - Betsy ska Boys Boys JAP Vocals - Mummy Guitar - Emi Bass - Yayoy Drums - Saki Bette Bright & the Illuminations UK Vocals - Bette Bright ex-Deaf School Brat LA CA USA *Built on Guilt NY NY USA Vocals - Karol Hogloff Bush Tetras NY NY USA Vocals - Cynthia Sley Guitar - Pat Place Bass - Laura Kennedy Keyboards - Adele Bertei see Aural Exciters, Bloods, Contortions, Peter & the Wolves *Cancer Girls Washington DC USA Vocals - Claire Kearney Guitar - Samantha Peterson Samantha had been vocalist for Rhoda & the Bad Seeds Carambolage Berlin GER Vocals - Elfi Esther Steitz Guitar - Angie Olbrich Drums - Britte Neander Castration Squad LA CA USA Vocals - Shannon Wilhem/Mary Batthing Guitar - Tracy Lea Bass - Alice Bag/Aparillo Drums - Elisso Bello Keyboards - Tiffany Kennedy see Bags, Beelzebub Youth, Go-Go's Tracy went on to Red Cross Catholic Discipline LA CA USA Guitar - Phranc see Nervous Gender Celia & the Mutations UK Vocals - Celia Collin Mutations were the Stranglers Chainsaw USA Bass - Laura Crowe Cheap Perfume NY NY USA Vocals - Lynn O'Dell Guitar - Angie (Bunny) Chefs Brighton UK Vocals/Bass - Helen McCookerybook Cherry Vanilla UK Vocals - Cherry Vanilla Chi Pig Akron OH USA Vocals/Guitar - Sue Schmidt Bass - Deborah Smith Chickadiesels TX USA Chinaboise Bloomington IN USA Vocals - Holly Thomison/Kim Torgerson/Carolyn Boner Chinas Comidas Seattle WA USA Vocals - Cynthia Genser Chrisma IT Vocals/Guitar - Christina Moser Cichlids Dania FL USA Vocals/Guitar - Debbie Mascaro Bass - Susan Robins Citizen 23 Tidewater, VA Vocals/Keyboards Elaine Barnes see Velvet Monkeys Come On NY NY USA Guitar - Elena Glasberg Contortions NY NY USA Guitar - Pat Place Keyboards - Adele Bertei see Aural Exciters, Bloods, Bush Tetras, Peter & the Wolves Contractions SF CA USA Vocals/Guitar - Mary Kelley Vocals/Bass - Kathy Peck Drums/Vocals - Debbie Hopkins Vocals - Kim Morris see Baby Buddha Controllers LA CA USA Drums - Karla "Mad Dog" Du Plantier Cosmetics SF CA USA Drums - Jane Weems/Terri Copeland see Maggots Cosmopolitans USA Vocals/Keyboards - Jamie Sims Vocals/Harmonica - Nel Moore Jayne County NY NY USA Vocals-Jayne County used to be Wayne County Cramps NY NY USA Guitar - Ivy Rorschach Drums - Miriam Linna/ Pam Gregory Julien Hechtlinger of The Mad played guitar with The Cramps in summer 1980 under the alias Julien Griensnatch see The Mad, Nervus Rex, Zantees Crash Course in Science Philadelphia PA USA Vocals/Toys/Electronics - Mallory Yago Crass London UK Vocals - Eve Libertine/Joy de Vivre Piano/Vocals - G see Poison Girls Creyola NY NY USA Vocals - Janis Allen Bass - Karen Boltax *Cringe TX USA ? - Suzy Mustang Cubes Detroit MI USA Vocals - Carolyn Striho Cherie Currie USA Vocals - Cherie Currie ? - Marie Currie see Runaways Curse Toronto CAN Vocals - Trixie Danger Guitar - Mickey Skin Bass - Dr. Bourque Drums - Patsy Poison Cyclones NY NY USA Vocals/Guitar - Donna Esposito D Day Austin TX USA Vocals - De D.Ceats Washington DC USA Vocals - Martha Hull see Slickee Boys Da Chicago IL USA Vocals - all Guitar - Gaylene Goudreau Bass - Lorna Donley Drums - Dawn Fisher Dadistics Chicago IL USA Vocals - Audrey Stanzler Dance NY NY USA Dangerous Diane & Dinettes Vocals - Diane Spodarek Dark Day NY NY USA Guitar/Drums - Nina Canal Drums - Nancy Arlen see Gynecologists, Mars, Tone Death, Ut Death Patrol Riverside CA USA Vocals - Rene Gade Guitar - Stacy Hatfield *Debbies Seattle WA USA Defunkt NY NY USA Bass - Kim Clarke Delinquents Austin TX USA Vocals/Guitar - Becky Bickham Keyboards - Mindy Curley *Delmontes Edinburgh Scotland Delta 5 Leeds UK Vocals/Guitar - Julz Sale Bass/Vocals - Ros Allen Bass/Vocals - Bethan Peters see Mekons Demon Preacher UK Bass - Camilla Armstrong Derelicts London UK Vocals - Susan Gogan/Sue Allegra see Prag Vec Lizzy Mercier Descloux Paris FRA Vocals/Guitar - Lizzy Mercier Descloux see Rosa Yemen Destroy All Monsters Ann Arbor MI USA Vocals - Niagara Falls *Deutscher Kaiser Aalen Baden-Wurttemberg GER Vocals - Regine Haschka Dickbrains Louisville KY USA Vocals - Tari Barr Guitar - Cathy Irwin Tari went on to drum in Your Food, Cathy went on to Freakwater Dickheads SF CA USA Vocals - Kippy Garrett Bass - Kathy Riebling Dishrags Vancouver CAN Vocals - all Guitar - Jade Blade Bass - Dale Powers Drums - Scout Dizzy & the Romilars USA DNA NY NY USA Drums - Ikue Mori see John Gavanti *Dogma Probe Westside CA USA Vocals - Vicki Silbert Drums - Rena Dogs Detroit MI USA Vocals/Bass - Mary Caldwell *Dogtown SF CA USA Bass - Katharine Chase Doll London UK Vocals/Guitar - Marion Valentine Dolly Mixture UK Vocals - all Guitar - Rachel Bor Bass - Debsey Wykes Drums - Hester Smith *Don King NY NY USA Clarinet/Guitar - Lucy Hamilton (China/Connie Burg) see John Gavanti, Mars Dots NY NY USA Guitar - Alison East see Spicy Bits, Swinging Madisons Drinking Electricity SCOT? Vocals - Anne Marie Heighway *Drowning Craze London UK Vocals - Angela Jaeger Angela had been in the Stare Kits, then later recorded with Monochrome Set and Bush Tetras before joining Pigbag Drug Addix UK Vocals - Kirsty MacColl Edith Nylon UK Vocals/Synth - Mylene Khaski Eight Eyed Spy NY NY USA Vocals - Lydia Lunch see Lydia Lunch, Beirut Slump, Teenage Jesus Einsturzende Neubauten Berlin GER Synth - Gudrun Gut Bass - Beate Bartel see Malaria, Mania D, Phew *Elti-Fits UK Vocals - ? Enemy Seattle WA USA Vocals - Suzanne Grant *EQ'D NY NY USA Bass - Machiko Ichihara Drums - Leslie Edge Erasers NY NY USA Vocals/Guitar - Susan Springfield Bass - Jody Beach Drums - Jane Fire see Susan Springfield, Red Crayola *ESG NY NY USA Vocals/Guitar - Renee Scroggins Bass - Deborah Scroggins Drums - Valerie Scroggins Congas-Marie Scroggins Essential Logic London UK Vocals/Sax - Lora Logic (Susan Whitby) see Glaxo Babies, Red Crayola, X-Ray Spex *Even Worse NY NY USA Vocals - Rebecca Korbet *Ex HOL Eyes LA CA USA Vocals/Bass - Charlotte Caffey see Go-Go's *45 Grave LA CA USA Vocals - Dinah Cancer (Mary Sims) F-Systems TX USA Vocals - Lorenda Ash Fall Manchester UK Keyboards Una Baines/Yvonne Pawlett see Blue Orchids, Fates Family Fodder UK Vocals - Dominique Pearce *Fastbacks Seattle WA USA Vocals/Bass - Kim Warnick Guitar/Vocals - Lulu Gargiulo Fatal Microbes UK Vocals - Honey Bane Fates Manchester UK Guitar - Mairi Keyboards - Una Baines see Blue Orchids, Fall Female Hands Vancouver CAN Fine Art MN USA Vocals - Terri Paul/Kay Maxwell Flowers Edinburgh SCOT Vocals - Hilary Morrison Flying Lizards UK Vocals - Deborah Lizard/Patti Palladin/Vivien Goldman see Vivien Goldman, Snatch Marie France BEL Vocals - Marie France Fresh Color SWITZ Vocals - Lisa Wve Friction Tokyo JAP Friction Cleveland OH USA Vocals/Bass/Violin - Deborah Smith Guitar - Sue Schmidt see Chi-Pig Fried Abortions SF CA USA Guitar - Carmen Ghia
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