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All of these bands/performers recorded between 1975-80, unless marked by an 
* which denotes they didn't record until 1981.

Band  	City  State  Country  Members	notes 

M n M's  LA  CA  USA
Mad  NY  NY  USA  Guitar - Julien Hechtlinger  see Cramps
*Mad Society  LA  CA  USA  Bass - Cathy Sample
Maggots  SF  CA  USA   Drums - Jane Weems  ? - Susan Garza  see Cosmetics  
*Malaria  Berlin    GER  Guitar - Gudrun Gut/Manon Duursma  Sax - Bettina 
     Köster  Drums - Christine Hahn  Synth - Susanne Kuhnke  
     see Einsturzende Neubauten, Mania D, Static
Mania D  Berlin    GER  Vocals - All  Bass - Beate Bartel  Guitar/Drums - 
     Gudrun Gut  Drums - Karin Luner  Sax - Eva-Maria Goessling  Sax - Bettina 
     Köster  see Einsturzende Neubauten, Malaria
*Mannschreck-Verdrahtet    GER  Vocals - ? 
Manufactured Romance    UK  Vocals - Nina Spencer
Maps  Boston  MA  USA  Vocals - Judy Grunwald 
Marie et Les Garcons  Lyon  FRA Vocals/Drums - Marie
Marilyn  NY  NY  USA
*Marine Girls  Hertfordshire  UK  Vocals/Percussion - Gina Hartman/Alice Fox 
        Guitar - Tracey Thorne  Bass - Jane Fox  
        Tracey went on to Everything But The Girl
Mars  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Guitar - China Burg (Connie Burg)  Drums - Nancy Arlen  
     see Dark Day, Don King, John Gavanti
Martha & the Muffins  Toronto  Ontario  CAN  Vocals/Keyboards - Martha Johnson
Materialschlacht      GER  Vocals - Mona Lisa
*Maximum Joy  Bristol    UK  Vocals/Clarinet - Janine Rainforth
     Guitar/Bass/Synth/Typewriter(!) - Victoria Harper
     Pamela later collaborated with members of Magazine & Specials
Mekons  Leeds    UK  Guitar - Mary Jenner  Bass - Ros Allen  see Delta 5
Mistakes  Oxford  UK  Mavis Bayton
Mo-dettes  London    UK  Vocals - Ramona Carlier  Guitar - Kate Korris  Bass - 
     Jane Crockford Drums - June Miles  see Slits
Model Citizens  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Marimba - Gloria Richards (Eugenie Diserio)  
     see 2 You's 
Modernettes  Vancouver  CAN   Bass/Vocals - ?
Mofungo  NY  NY  USA  Bass - Kym Bond  Sax - A.C. Chubb (Ann Caroline Chubb)  
     see Blinding Headache  Amy McMahon (Amy Rigby) of the Stare Kits was in
	 the band in 1979
Mary Monday & the Bitches  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Mary Monday  ? - Vermillion  
     see Vermillion & the Aces 
Monitor  LA  CA  USA  Bass - Laurie O'Connell
Mood of Defiance  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Hatha
Mother's Ruin  Zurich    SWITZ  Vocals - Silvia de Janeiro
*Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls  UK  Vocals - Pauline Murray  
     see Penetration 
Mutants  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Sue White/Sally Webster
*Mydolls    TX  USA  Vocals - Linda Bond/Trish Herrera  Guitars - Linda 
     Bond/Trish Herrera  Bass - Dianna Ray
Nasmak  HOL  Vocals/Synth/Guitar - Truus de Groot  see + Instruments, 
Plus Instruments Nasty Facts NY NY USA Vocals - Cherln Boyse *Natasha Detroit MI USA Vocals/Guitar/Violin - Natasha Native Hipsters London UK Vocals - Blatt (Nanette Greenblatt) Needles & Pins LA CA USA Neo Boys Portland OR USA Vocals - Kim Kincaid Guitar - Jennifer Lobianco/Meg Hentges Bass - KT Kincaid Drums - Pat Baum Nervous Gender LA CA USA Guitar - Phranc see Catholic Discipline Nervus Rex NY NY USA Vocals/Guitar - Trixie A. Baum Bass - Diane Athey Drums - Miriam Linna see Cramps, Zantees New Age Steppers London UK Vocals - Ari Up/Neneh Cherry Violin - Vicky Aspinall dub reggae see Slits, Raincoats, Rip Rig & Panic News AUS Bass - Joy Relentless (Julie Jordan)/Kim Norton see Babeez Nico NY NY USA Vocals - Nico ex-Velvet Underground Nipple Erectors/Nips London UK Bass - Shanne Bradley Nixe Utrecht Netherlands Vocals - Ilva Poortvliet Guitar - Marian De Beurs Bass - Nikki Meijerink Drums - Simone Luken No Fun Louisville KY USA Guitar - Tara Key see Babylon Dance Band Noh Mercy SF CA USA Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards - Esmeralda Drums - Tony Hotel Normil Hawaiians Kent UK Vocals - Janet Armstrong Novak SF CA USA Guitar - Maggie Goldman Keyboards - Megan Roberts Nuns SF CA USA Vocals - Jennifer Miro Nurses Washington DC USA Drums - Kathy Hutzell Keyboards - Sherry Dietrick *Off Beach NY NY USA ? - Angela Babbit Offs LA CA USA Bass - Olga de Volga see Lewd, VS. *Omlits Anaheim CA USA Vocals/Guitar - Linda Omlit Drums/Percussion - Rosanne Omlit Vocals/Drums - Carol Omlit *Yoko Ono NY NY USA Vocals - Yoko Ono involved w/Fluxus, ex-Plastic Ono Band Ostro 430 Duesseldorf GER Vocals/Sax - Martina Weith Bass - Olivia Casali/ Monika Kellermann Drums - Marita Welling Keyboards - Bettina Florchinger Orthotonics Richmond VA USA Vocals - Rebby Sharp *Out On Blue Six UK Vocals - Kate Sekules *PIL (see Public Image Ltd) Partisans Cardiff Wales Bass - Louise? Passage UK Keyboards - Lorraine Hilton Passions London UK Vocals/Guitar - Barbara Gogan Bass - Claire Bidwell (Claire Black) *Peer Pressure Washington DC USA Bass - Toni Young see Red C Penetration London UK Vocals - Pauline Murray Peroxide NY NY USA Vocals - Lyn Todd Peter & the Wolves Cleveland OH USA Vocals/Guitar - Adele Bertei Bass - Cindy Black see Bloods, Bush Tetras, Contortions Petticoats UK Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums - Steff Petticoat *Phew Tokyo JAP Vocals - Phew see Aunt Sally collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto and members of Can, then later recorded with members of DAF and Einsturzende Neubauten and was in Novo Tono with members of Boredoms and Ground Zero Phil 'N' the Blanks Chicago IL USA Vocals - Blanch de Blanc Phobia Boston MA USA Vocals - Melody Chisholm Pink Champagne SWE Vocals - Ann Komann Guitar - Karin Bass - Gackande Sgugge Drums - Bambi Pink Military/Industry Liverpool UK Vocals - Jayne Casey see Big In Japan Pink Section SF CA USA Vocals/Keyboards - Judy Gittelsohn Drums - Carol Detweiler see Inflatable Boy Clams Plasmatics NY NY USA Vocals - Wendy O. Williams Plastics JAP Vocals - Chica Plus Instruments HOL/NYC Vocals/Synth/Bass - Truus de Groot see + Instruments, Nasmak Pneumania UK Vocals - Sno White (Gaynor) Poetaphonics w/ Angel Corpus Christi MX-80 offshoot Poison Girls London UK Vocals - Vi Subversa Vocals - Eve Libertine Bass - Bella Donna Synth/Keys - Cynth Ethics see Crass Poles Toronto CAN Vocals - Michaele Jordana Polyrock NY NY USA Vocals - Catherine Oblasney Prag Vec London UK Vocals - Susan Gogan see Derelicts Prams UK Drums - Caroline Boadan Prats SCOT Vocals - ? Pressler-Morgan OH USA Vocals/Electronics - Charlotte Pressler Pretenders London UK Vocals/Guitar - Chrissie Hynde Primitive Calculators Melbourne AUS Keyboards/Synth - Denise Rosenberg see also Thrush and the Cunts, Zye Ye Ye *Primmers NEW ZEAL Keyboards - Miriam Ludbrook *Problem NY NY USA ? - Soos Haglof ? - Nancy Heidel ? - Myra Holder ? - Andrea Tienan Product One Sarasota Springs NY USA Vocals/Synth - Pamela Profalactics Boulder CO USA Vocals - All Guitar - Carolyn Crampton Bass - Nicole/Sue Digby Drums - Connie Clit see Varve *Public Image Ltd. London UK Bass - Jeanette Lee Jeanette is now co-owner of Rough Trade Records *Pulsallama NY NY USA Vocals - Ann Magnuson/Wendy Wild/Kimberly Davis/April Palmierisee Drums - Jean Caffiene Drums/Percussion/Bass - Staceyjoy Elkin Bass - Ande Whyland/Lori Montana Percussion - Dany Johnson/Min Thometz/ April Palmierisee/Diana Lillig/Charlotte Slivka see Art, Theoretical Girls, Urge Ann Magnuson went on to Bongwater Pylon Athens GA USA Vocals - Vanessa Ellison Raincoats London UK Vocals - all Guitar - Ana da Silva Bass - Gina Birch Drums - Palmolive Violin - Vicky Aspinall see Slits, New Age Steppers, Red Crayola Vicky had been in all-female Jam Today, Gina and Vicky went on to Dorothy Rats Portland OR USA Bass - Toody Cole went on to Dead Moon *Red Ball Jets Milwaukee WI USA Vocals - Molli Putz *Red C Washington DC USA Bass - Toni Young see Peer Pressure *Red Crayola UK Sax - Lora Logic Bass - Gina Birch Backup Vocals - Jane Fire Backup Vocals - Christine Thompson see Erasers, Essential Logic, Glaxo Babies, Raincoats, X-Ray Spex Rentals Boston MA USA Vocals/Guitar/Drums - Pseudo Carol Vocals/Bass - Jane Hudson see Jeff and Jane Hudson Reversible Cords/Re*Cords Rezillos/Revillos Edinburgh SCOT Vocals - Fay Fife *Rip Rig & Panic UK Vocals - Neneh Cherry/Andrea Oliver see New Age Steppers *Romeo Void SF CA USA Vocals - Deborah Iyall Room Liverpool UK Bass - Becky Rosa Yemen Paris FRA Vocals/Guitar - Lizzy Mercier Descloux *Rubella Ballet London UK Vocals - Annie Anxiety/Zillah Minx Bass - Gemma Stone Runaways LA CA USA Vocals - Cherie Currie/Joan Jett Guitar - Joan Jett Guitar - Lita Ford Bass - Vicki Blue/Jackie Fox Drums - Sandy West Joy Ryder & Avis Davis NY NY USA Vocals - Joy Ryder
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