women in punk 1975-1980

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All of these bands/performers recorded between 1975-80, unless marked by an 
* which denotes they didn't record until 1981.

Band  	City  State  Country  Members	notes 

Sado Nation  Portland  OR  USA  Vocals - Leesa Anderson/Mish Bondage
*Saints      AUS  Bass - Janine Hall
Schematix  Santa Cruz  CA  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - Jill Fido  see X-Dreamists
Security Risk    UK  Vocals - Jan Parker
Selector  Conventry    UK  Vocals - Pauline Black  ska
Sex Sick  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Michele Bell  Bass - Kira Roessler  Drums - 
     Elissa Bello  see Arthur J & the Goldcups, Go Gos, Twisted Roots  
     Kira went on to Black Flag
Shakin Street      FRA  Bass - Corinne 
Shirkers  Washington  DC  USA      Guitar/Vocals - Liz Dumais  Bass/Vocals - 
     Libby Hatch  see Tru Fax & the Insaniacs
Shirts  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Annie Golden
Sick Things    UK  Vocals - Charlie
*Signals  Anaheim  CA  USA 
Siouxsie & the Banshees  London    UK  Vocals - Siouxsie Sioux
Skafish  Chicago  IL  USA      Guitar - Karen Winner
Silicon Teens    UK  Synth - Jacki  Synth - Diane
Sillies  Detroit  MI  USA  Vocals - Sheila Edwards/Katie Hait  Vocals/
     Keyboards - Kirsten Rogoff  see Algebra Mothers
*Sin 34  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Julie Lanfeld
Slapp Happy    UK  Vocals - Dagmar Krause  also sang with Henry Cow and 
     Art Bears
Slickee Boys  Washington  DC  USA  Vocals - Martha Hull  see D.Ceats
Slits  London    UK  Vocals - Ari Up  Guitar - Kate Korris/Viv Albertine  
     Bass - Suzi Gutsy/Tessa Pollitt  Drums - Palmolive (Paloma Romero) 
     see Mo-dettes, Raincoats, New Age Steppers  Tessa had been in 
     all-female Castrators, Viv and Palmolive had been in Flowers of Romance
Slow Children  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Pal Shazar
Smegmettes    FL  USA  Vocals - Cookie Mold  Guitar - Spam Ax  Bass - Fish
Patti Smith  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Guitar - Patti Smith
Snatch  NY/London    USA/UK  Vocals - Judy Nylon/Patti Palladin  
     see Flying Lizards
Sole Sisters      UK  Vocals - ?
*Sonic Youth  NY  NY  USA  Bass/Vocals - Kim Gordon  Keyboards/Vocals - 
     Anne Demarinis
Sound  London    UK  Sax/Clarinet/Keyboards - Bi Marshall
Speed Twins      HOL
Spicy Bits  NY  NY  USA  Guitar - Alison East  see Dots, Swinging Madisons
Susan Springfield  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Susan Springfield  Guitar - Nancy 
     Stillman  see Erasers 
SST  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Irene Dogmatic  Guitar - Susie Henderson
*Starter    GER  Sax/Synth - Claudine Chirac  see also Grauzone 
Static  NY  NY  USA  Guitar/Bass/Vocals - Barbara Ess  Drums/Vocals - 
     Christine Hahn  see Y-Pants, Malaria
     Barbara and Christine had been in Daily Life
Steel Tips    NJ  USA  Vocals - Karen Ann Ooch
*Stickmen  Philadelphia  PA  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - B.A. Lejman
Stimulators  NY  NY  USA   Guitar/Vocals - Denise Mercedes  Bass/Vocals - 
     Anne Gustavsson
Stingers  Long Beach  CA  USA  Vocals - Patti  see Unit 3 
Stinky Toys  Paris  FRA  Vocals - Elli Medeiros   
Stopouts      UK  Bass - Sue James
Student Teachers  NY  NY  USA  Bass - Lori Reese  Drums - Laura Davis
*Poly Styrene  London    UK  Vocals - Poly Styrene  see X-Ray Spex 
Suburban Lawns  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Su Tissue 
*Suburban Reptiles      NEW ZEAL Vocals - Zero
Subverse      UK  Vocals - ?
Suicide Squad      AUS  Vocals - Annie
Kitty Summerall  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Kitty Summerall
     Kitty did backup vocals for Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Heartbreakers,      
     New York Dolls, Robert Gordon, and acted in/did music for "Smithereens"
Superman's Girlfriend  Dallas  TX  USA  Drums - Erin Humphries
*Suzi Pinns  London    UK  Vocals - Jordon (Pamela Rooke)  
     Jordon managed and sometimes sang with & wrote songs for 
     Adam & the Ants
Rachel Sweet  Akron  OH  USA  Vocals - Rachel Sweet 
Swinger's Resort  Boston  NY  USA  Bass - B.C. Kagan
Swinging Madisons  NY  NY  USA  Guitar - Alison East  see Dots, Spicy Bits
Systematics  Sydney  AUS  Foina Graham
Tagnemics      UK  Bass/Synth - Marion Fudger
Talking Heads  NY  NY  USA  Bass - Tina Weymouth
*Tanks  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Lisa Wooley  ? - Susan
*Tanzplagen  Athens  GA  USA  Vocals - Linda Hopper  Bass - Lynda Stipe  
     both went on to Oh OK; Linda went on to Magnapop
Tans From The Sun      USA
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Guitar - Lydia Lunch  
     see Lydia Lunch, Beirut Slump, Eight Eyed Spy
Textones    TX  USA  Vocals/Guitar - Carla Olson  Vocals/Guitar - Kathy 
     Valentine  see Go-Go's, Violators
Theoretical Girls  NY  NY  USA  Bass/Keyboards - Margaret De Wys  ? - Jean 
     Caffeine  see Pulsallama, Urge
*Thick Pigeon  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - Miranda Stanton
Thrills  Boston  MA  USA  Vocals - Barb Kitson  changed name in '81 to 
     City Thrills
Throbbing Gristle      UK  Vocals/Synth - Cosey Fanni Tutti 
Thrush and the Cunts  Melbourne   AUS  Keyboards/Synth - Denise Rosenberg
     all-female, see also Primitive Calculators, Zye Ye Ye
Tina Peel  Washington  DC  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - Deb O'Nair  
     Deb went on to Fuzztones
*Tiny Desk Unit  Washington  DC  USA  Vocals - Susan Mumford
*Tone Death  NY  NY  USA   Guitar - Nina Canal  see Dark Day, Gynecologists, Ut
*Tony Perkins & Psychotics  Washington  DC  USA  Bass - Debbie
Toy Love      NEW ZEAL   Keyboards - Jane Walker
Tracks  Boston  MA  USA  Vocals - Lorry Doll
Tru Fax & the Insaniacs  Washington  DC  USA  Vocals/Guitar - Diana Quinn  
     Bass - Libby Hatch  see Shirkers
Maureen Tucker  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Drums -  Maureen Tucker  
     ex-Velvet Underground 
Tuxedo Moon  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Victoria Lowe
*Twisted Roots  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Maggie  Bass - Kira Roessler  
     see Arthur J & the Goldcups, Sex Sick  Kira went on to Black Flag
U-3RK5  Vancouver  CAN  Drums - Kitty Byrne
U.S. Ape  NY  NY  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - Shauna Laurie  
     became Washington Squares
U.X.A.  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - De De Troit
Unit 3  Long Beach  CA  USA  Vocals - Patti /Venus  see Stingers
Unit-5  Akron  OH  USA  Vocals - Tracey Thomas
Units  Albany  NY  USA
Units  SF  CA  USA  Vocals/Synth - Rachel Webber
Urban Verbs  Washington  DC  USA  Bass - Linda France
Urge  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Julie Jukebox Lawler  Guitar - Mary Tantrum Lawler  
     Bass - Christeen Alicino Drums  - Kat Zumbach/Jean Caffeine  
     see Pulsallama, Theoretical Girls
Ut  NY  NY  USA  Vocals - all  Guitar - Nina Canal  Bass - Jacqui Ham  Drums - 
     Sally Young  they all alternate  see Dark Day, Gynecologists, Tone Death
     filmmaker Karen Achenbach was briefly in the band in 1979
V.D.U.'s      UK  Vocals - Michelle Archer
V;.._  Boston  MA  USA  Vocals/Percussion - Susan Anway
Vacuum      SWE
*Varve  SF  CA  USA  Vocals/Sax - Jo Ann Gogue  Guitar - Carolyn Crampton 
     (aka Carolyn Stage)  Bass - Sue Digby  Drums - Kat Apostrophe Cascone      
     Keyboards - Kelli Kozak  see Guys, Profalactics
Vast Majority    TX  USA  was there a female in this band?
Velvet Monkeys  Washington  DC  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - Elaine Barnes
     see Citizen 23
Venus & the Razorblades  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Dyan Diamond  Bass - 
     Danielle Faye
Vermillion & the Aces      UK  Vocals - Vermillion Sands  see Mary Monday
Vice Squad      UK  Vocals - Becki Bondage (Rebecca Bond)
Vincent Units      UK  Vocals - Josephine  Bass - Gina
Violators  Austin  TX  USA  Guitar - Kathy Valentine  ? - Carla Olson  
     see Go-Go's, Textones
Visible Targets  Seattle  WA  USA  Vocals - Laura Keane  Guitar - Pamela Golden  
     Bass  - Rebecca Hamilton
*Vitamin  Boston  MA  USA  Drums - Shelley Lake  Violin/Keyboards/Vocals - 
     Margie Politzer
VKTMS  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Nyna Crawford
Voigt/465  Sydney  AUS  Vocals - Rae Macron Cru  Bass - Lindsay OMeara
Vom  LA  CA  USA  Bass - Lisa Brennels
VS.  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Heidi Familiar/Amy Linden  Guitar - Jeorgia Anderson  
     Sax - Carola Anderson Bass - Olga de Volga  Drums - Kathy Sanford  
     only Olga & Heidi are on 7"  see Lewd, Offs
Wad      USA  Vocals - Jan King  Guitar - Karen Haglog
Waitresses  Akron  OH  USA  Vocals - Patty Donahue  Bass - Tracy Warmworth
Welders  St. Louis  MO  USA  Vocals - Colleen O'Sullivan/Stephanie Lasater  
     Guitar - Kelly "Rusty" Draper  Bass - Caroline Fujimoto/Julie Benz  
     Drums - Jane Fujimoto/Lyla Turner
*Johanna Went  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - Johanna Went 
*Westside Lockers  Olympia  WA  USA  Vocals - Judy Schneps  
Helen Wheels  Detroit and NY  MI/NY  USA  Vocals - Helen Wheels  
     wrote songs for Blue Oyster Cult 
*White Women  Boston  MA  USA  Vocals - Dolores Paradise  Guitar - Thalia Zedek  
     Thalia went on to Dangerous Birds, Uzi, Live Skull, and Come
Toyah Wilcox    UK  Vocals - Toyah Wilcox
Wild West  Sydney  AUS  Vocals - Rae E Byrom
*Wilma  SF  CA  USA  Vocals - all  Guitar - Yvette Dasaltewerk  Bass - K.D. 
     Davis  Synth/Violin - Louise Diedrich
Wilma & the Wilburs  Minneapolis  MN  USA  Vocals - Wilma
X  LA  CA  USA  Vocals - Exene Cervenka 
X-Dreamists  Santa Cruz  CA  USA  Vocals/Keyboards - Jill Fido  Guitar - 
     Debbie Dread  see Schematix
X-Ray Spex  London    UK  Vocals - Poly Styrene  Sax-Lora Logic 
     see Essential Logic, Glaxo Babies, Red Crayola 
XL Capris  Sydney    AUS  Vocals - ?
Y-Pants  NY  NY  USA  Bass - Barbara Ess  Drums - Virginia Piersol  Toy Piano - 
     Gail Vachon  see Static
Young Marble Giants  Cardiff  WALES  Vocals - Alison Statton
Young Snakes  Boston  MA  USA  Vocals/Bass  - Aimee Mann
Zantees  NY  NY  USA  Drums - Miriam Linna  rockabilly  see Cramps, Nervus Rex
Zippers  Carson  CA  USA  Bass-Danielle Faye
*Zye Ye Ye  Melbourne   AUS  Keyboards/Synth - Denise Rosenberg
     recorded and released in England
     see also Primitive Calculators, Thrush and the Cunts

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