women in punk 1975-1980

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CREDITS AND INFO...Sharon Cheslow (updated 2010)

The original research for this project was begun in the early 1990s, and first appeared in Interrobang?! #2 in 1994. The list was updated for Interrobang?! #3 in 1996, then soon after put online.

I compiled the information from my own record/zine/mag/music weekly collection from the late 1970s, from researching other peoples' archives, from emailing people, and from gathering information through an online form. Through 2009 people could submit additions or corrections. In 2010 I discontinued updating the list. As it exists it's a very comprehensive document.

It's exciting to know that after so many years, people are more interested in these bands than ever before, and many of the very rare or obscure recordings are now available. It's my hope that this list was in some way helpful in making that happen. Many of the bands on the list have had their recordings released for the first time, or were able to re-issue out-of-print records on LP or CD. Some bands have made their recordings available for download. You can now even find many of these bands on YouTube. What once seemed impossible became a reality.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! There are many people who submitted information, or gave support, to make this list a reality. Some of these people are no longer alive. Although it would be impossible to credit everyone, the following were particularly helpful:

John Arnold
Una Baines
Beate Bartel
Elissa Bello
Nils Bernstein
Alan Blattberg
Windy Chien
King Coffey
Byron Coley
Cynthia Connolly
Ben Corrigan
Carolyn Crampton
Geoff Danielik
Staceyjoy Elkin
Lydia Ely
Jill Fido
Jane Fire
Cathy Fitzhugh
Josh Friedman
Jane Fujimoto
Paul Gibbs
George Gimarc
Eva-Maria Goessling
Barbara Gogan
Sue Gogan
Danny Grobani
Kathleen Hanna
Bibbe Hansen
Greg Hetson
Denise Hilton
Dina Hornreich 
(check out the typical girls list Dina moderates) Penelope Houston Angela Jaeger Calvin Johnson Dany Johnson Ramsey Kanaan Tara Key Melissa Klein Bess Korey Jonathan Lewallen Joyce Linehan John Loder Ian MacKaye Frederic Madre Jay Madsen Greil Marcus Alex Milopoulos Douglas Maxson Evelyn McDonnell Bob Moore Thurston Moore Mike Mosher Ceci Moss Robert Nedelkoff Dina Nushkah Mary O'Neil Kathy Peck Margie Politzer Rich Polysorbate Chris Pugmire John Quinn Kirsten Rogoff Debbie Swartz Ben Schwartz Dan Selzer Dale Shaw Noah Slankard Tom Smith Wilson Smith Dave Sprague Martin Sprouse Gabie Strong Bryan Swirsky Nicky Thomas Tinuviel Annie Toone Phil Turnbull Chris Ullsperger Tobi Vail V. Vale Marguerite Van Cook Lane Van Ham Weasel Walter Chuck Warner Matt Wobensmith Douglas Wolk Steve Y Tim Yohannan
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