Dale Shaw: vocals
Sadie Shaw: guitar
Maggie Vail: drums, guitar, vocals
Sarah Reed: drums, guitar

Decomposition 03 (1996)
7" EP
$7.00 (includes shipping)

Side A: Wolves
Side B: Conversation/B Sides

Three great songs by this Olympia band comprised of Maggie Vail (Slatternlies), Dale Shaw (Corrections, Blood Sausage, Element of Crime), filmmaker extraordinaire Sadie Shaw and Sarah Reed. Think no wave, surf, garage and quirky punk.

They also released a cassette on Tobi Vail's cassette label Bumpidee, which is now out of print.

After Bonnot Gang, Sadie, Sarah and Dale formed The Lies, then Sadie & Sarah went on to the Husbands. Maggie formed The Bangs.

band photos

7" cover photo
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