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Rural Studio Bonus Album, as well as
postcards and other art, can be ordered directly from Cynthia Connolly

Cynthia's contribution to Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family can be ordered directly from Decomposition
Cynthia went off for the 2002/03 year and was an outreach student at the Rural Studio in Alabama where she did a residency. She designed and built a vegetable stand. The Bonus Album captures her experiences as well as documents other sites at the Rural Studio. Stapled together, The Bonus Album has a postcard with a small version of the postcard on the side that is perforated. The user rips off the postcard and keeps the mini version on the bound side as the souvenir. As more of a bonus, the postcard and the little card each have directions to the sites, and the postcard has more information including the designers' names and dates of construction. Photos are taken with the "half frame camera" so there are two images per card.

Also available from Cynthia, among other things, Lengths and Breaths - with words by Lee Ranaldo and photos by Cynthia Connolly published Fall 2004.

Cynthia was in the Beautiful Losers show. More info on this and other exhibits can be found at her site: www.cynthiaconnolly.com.

Cynthia's interview with her mother, Vera Connolly, is in Interrobang?! #5, Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family. The book of writings and interviews was compiled by Sharon Cheslow and published by Decomposition Summer 2008.
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